Sunday, December 27, 2009


Alas! Christmas has already past me by. It is amazing how fast that holiday can go by after all of the time spent preparing for it. It was a wonderful Christmas though and the first one spent in my new house. The weekend before Christmas some of my closest friends came to my little town to visit me and we had a wonderful time going into all of the little boutiques and antique shops and having tea. They were all able to see my new house and I was able to show off my Christmas decorations and all of the little projects I have been working on around the house, which has been coming together quite nice and is finally emanating a somewhat homey vibe. It was a wonderful weekend.
For Christmas, I was able to spend it with my family on Christmas Eve. It was so fun being with the family and seeing the excitement on my nephew (age 5) and niece’s (age 2) face. I gave my nephew a pet fish who he immediately decided to name Army Guy. For my niece, I gave her a purse filled with some of the necessities, such as a pink jeweled mirror and a fish wallet. This year I received a digital camera. For the last four years I have just borrowed my ex’s camera when it came to my picture taking needs, but now I have my very own and you will be able to see many more images on my blog, such as my Christmas decorations. Enjoy! It is a gift that just keeps on giving.
I hope that all of my Little Town Tea lovers had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a happy new year!

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