Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Greetings Little Town Tea lovers. It is nice to be back to blogging. It has been a crazy couple of months since the last time I blogged. A lot has happened, but it has all been for the best. First of all, I moved back to my little town and away from the vast valley of California, so that has been a change. I love it here. You see the stars, you can leave your car unlocked without a worry, it snows from time to time, and, most importantly, it never smells of cows. Due to this move, however, I now have to drive eight hours a week to commute to my credential program. The drive is getting better though. I borrow some great audio books from the library and I have large amounts of time to contemplate and sing.
Another major change in my life is my employment. For the last several months I have been substituting in my little town. I have mostly worked at an elementary school, but I have also subbed for the local high school. It has surly been an experience full of the good and the bad that can come from teaching. Let’s just say that my fridge is covered full of beautiful letters from my adoring students, but that my bathroom is stocked with plenty of cold medicine that is just waiting for me to get sick once again. Ugh. I do begin student teaching, the last part of my credential program, starting on the fifth of January. I hope to find the time to blog about that experience because I think it should be quite interesting.
The last major change that has occurred since the last time I wrote on my blog is that I am now single. My ex and I decided that it was best to go our own ways because of our desire for separate futures. After almost four years of being in a relationship, I am now single. It has been an interesting experience being single and I have gone on a few dates, which have also been interesting and will perhaps one day be expanded on on a different day. Overall, though, the experience has been good and I am truly happy with my life and where I am at this point in time.
All in all, that is what has been going on in the life of Little Town Tea. Please stay tuned for more updates about my life, my loves, and my adventures in student teaching.

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