Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apologizes for my lack of bloggage.

Hey there lovers of Little Town Tea. I am very sorry for not writing as frequently as I usually do during these last few weeks. With my move, the end of college, and other difficulties in my personal life, I have found myself with very little time to dedicate towards this blog. Unfortunately, it will be a while until the internet will be hooked up at my new house, and when I do find the time to trek it up the hill to my parents house, I am fairly sure that the time I will have using their internet will be spent on my on-line class. But don't lose hope, keep checking and I am sure in no time I will be back at it with my daily posts.
Little Town Tea

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  1. Hey there! Hope all is well. Drop me a line when you get hooked up to internet--update me on your life. Take care, T--