Saturday, May 2, 2009

Anchors Away!

Lately I have fallen in love with anything that has an anchor on it. They remind me of the open sea, salt in the air, pirates with eye patches, and jolly songs about pillaging. The picture above was taken when I was at Pearl Harbor during my trip to Hawaii. Seeing this huge anchor started my love with anchors. Since I have gotten back from Hawaii, I have visited etsy a few times to look at all the homemade anchor products they have. Below I have listed some of my favorite with links. If you happen to be an anchor lover too, maybe you will find something you like.

This anchor bracelet is beautiful and full of charms that make me want to hop on a ship and spend the next few months enjoying the fresh air and hoping that I don't get scurvy.

These anchor hair pins are adorable. They would be the perfect touch to dress up any sailor outfit and would be the envy of all your ship mates.

This brooch is my favorite etsy find. I love the way it shows all the essential pirate themed charms and how the monster of the sea, the giant octopus, rules over them all. This would be a perfect trinket to wear so as to ward off any unwanted and dangerous creatures that linger in the deep sea, creatures that feed off pirate ships such as your own. It would remind you and your ship mates to never let your guard down, because the dangers of the sea could come and eat you at any moment.

Finally, this journal is the perfect place to keep your daily notes about the trip and all the adventures you may have.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love it all! Especially the hair pins.... I may need those.....