Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas Present to Myself

Hello Little Town Tea lovers. Every Christmas for the last four years I have bought myself a Christmas present. For the last few months before Christmas all of my money and shopping goes towards others, which I enjoy, but sometimes I see something amidst the endless stores that I can’t help giving to myself. This year’s gift to myself was this teapot necklace. Isn’t it lovely? Recently, my little town has gotten itself a new shop that sells tea and tea accessories. When my friends came down the weekend before Christmas we went to that shop and had ourselves some tea. It was at the cash register that I saw this perfect little necklace and I have hardly taken it off since. It is my favorite Christmas present to myself yet. I hope that my readers also indulge themselves in a treat such as this during the holidays because sometimes we need to treat ourselves to little treasures.

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