Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Blustery Day

I love a good blustery day. I enjoy sitting at home, having a candle or two burning, sipping tea, snuggling up with a good book, and opening my apartment window a crack so I can listen to the rain beating down on the street and the tires running over puddles. I wish I could spend every day this way. I love the smell of the rain and the way the earth looks after it has had a good shower. Perhaps I should move somewhere it rains constantly, like Washington.

Along with the wonderful coziness that comes with staying inside on a rainy day, there is nothing like getting dressed up for going outside. I love rainy day clothing. There is nothing like getting bundled up in a knitted sweater, coat, hat, and scarf. Also, for those particularly soggy days, there is nothing like big plastic rain boots and a decorative umbrella. It seems as though retro rain boots are everywhere, but I haven’t broken down and bought a pair, as much as I want to. It would be a good investment, due to the constant puddle jumping I do on my way to and from class. I just hope that the rain keeps up for a while. I have missed my blustery days.

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