Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooking with Little Town Tea

Tonight I am going to a potluck dinner party. What am I bring? Well, tonight I am bringing Greg's famous clam dip. This dip is my usual and has graced the tables of many family and friend gatherings. It is always a hit. How, might you be asking, do you make such a delicious sounding appetizer? Well, as it just so happens, I am going to teach you how to make this very simple dip with the help of Wes' camera.
Here is what you need
For making this dish you will need Worcester sauce, eight ounces of cream cheese, eight ounces of sour cream, two cans of minced clams, a lemon (not photographed), a bowl, and a fork.

Step 1
Take your cream cheese and soften it up by stirring it with a fork. This takes a while, so turn on some good tunes. I suggest The Weepies.

Step 2

Once the cream cheese is nice and soft, take your sour cream and stir it in.

Step 3

Now that you've got the cream cheese and sour cream blended together, add in all those wonderfully minced clams. You will want to make sure to get out most of the juice before adding the clams, but, of course, a little clam juice is nice.

Step 4

After all those major ingredients are stirred to perfection, add a few drops of Worcester sauce and lemon juice. Add more or less of either, depending on your taste.

Step 5

Grab a bag of ruffled potato chips, dip, and enjoy!

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