Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Town Tea’s Book Corner

Being an English major, I have hardly had time to read for pleasure the last three and a half years. On average, I would have to read 7 books for each of my English classes, and I was taking anywhere from 3 to 4 English classes each session. Due to this crazy load of literature, I would spend my breaks getting a head start on the readings for the following session. Now that I am done with all of my English classes, I finally have time for pleasure reading. Because of my trip to Hawaii after Christmas, I took the winter session off. It has been roughly two months since I have been in school and I have been filling that time with reading. Right now I am reading Charlaine Harris’ A Bone to Pick. It is the second book in her Aurora Teagarden Mystery series. So far I am enjoying this series. It is about a librarian in the south who solves murder mysteries. It is just one of those fun books that you can pick up and enjoy without having to analyze any deeper meanings, which is refreshing after three and a half years of scrutinizing every sentence for any hidden implications.
I came across Charlaine Harris when my friend, Kris, told me about her Sookie Stackhouse series. You might have heard of this series. They have made it into a HBO show called True Blood. The Sookie Stackhouse books are about a waitress in the south who has telepathic abilities. This series, unlike the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, is crammed with supernatural beings. I have read all the released Sookie Stackhouse books. They are addictive and fun. If you are looking for a light read with a southern twist you should definitely pick up something by Charlaine Harris.

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