Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet Bleeker

I thought that since I am sharing so many of my favorite things, I should introduced my favorite pet. I lived, for a while, in my studio with only my Japanese fighting fish for company. I decided that I wanted something a little more cuddly to come home to, but I was not quite sure what. Well, one day Wes and I walked into the pet store, because we just like doing that once in a while, after we saw Juno. We were looking at the birds when something very cute and cuddly caught my eye. There were about twenty of the littlest hamsters I have ever seen all huddled together in a glass cage. I immediately fell in love with the little turbo hamsters and had to get one. All of them were very lightly colored, but one had a neat little dark patch on his back, unlike the others. Wes picked out the little dark patched hamster, we got a very vibrant cage with a cool little hut that hangs from the top, food, and a purple plastic ball so he could freely roam around my apartment. Once we assembled his cage and took him out of his little card board carrying box, Wes and I tried to decide on a name. We decided on Bleeker. It has now been over a year since I purchased my little buddy. He has proven to be a wonderful delight. My niece and nephew adore him. Whenever I bring him to my little town their jaws drop and their eyes become wide at the sight of Bleeker. He is a wonderful pet and a very possible character in a future children book.

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