Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Before I Die

Like I said, I have come across some of my old writings. This was a poem I wrote in CSSSA and I couldn't help but smile as I read it. For one of our writing exercises we were told to write a poem all about the things we would want to do before we died and this is what I came up with. Thought I would share it and give you a smile to. As for George and Paul, I am on the second chapter. :)
Enjoy the poem!

Before I Die

Before I die I want to live in London,
Smoke cigs atop Big Ben,
I want to open a restaurant called Pears and Fries,
Ask “The usual Hun?”
In a red and yellow outfit,
I want to fall in love with a boy,
He’ll say bless you,
Kiss goodnight,
I’ll invent the everlasting gobstopper,
Make children smile,
Parents mad,
Before I die I want to become the baddest pirate around,
Be known as Tea the Terror,
I want to swing to the beat of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy,
Wave my hands and jive to the rhythm,
I’ll meet Ringo Star,
Kiss his large nose,
I’m gunna scream in pain as they tattoo peace on my foot,
Before I die I want to streak down 140,
Feel the wind pressing against my body,
I want to make up a word,
Here lovers sayin’ it,
People fearin’ it,
Have my monkey dance to it,
I want to be free,
I wanna live.

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  1. I love this.

    I love this sooo much!

    You are such a good writer Tea, I'm glad you're getting back in to it! This was just so amazingly descriptive... so many images flashed through my mind while I read it : )

    and yes... lets have a cooking day soon! Even though it's cold and rainy out I'm in the mood for fresh summery food! Did you get the crazy burst of rain and wind in Turlock today? My street looked just like a stormy ocean!