Friday, March 20, 2009

The Smell of Movie Star Lawyers

This was a poem I wrote at CSSSA. We had to write a poem about different scents. It is hard to put a sense into words. Here is how my poem turned out. Enjoy!

The Smell of Movie Star Lawyers

By: Tea

In younger years,
Parents went to parties,
Mom smelled of hairspray and movie stars,
Dad of burly old spice lawyers,

They'd dress up,
Be out all night,
Miss them so,
They'd come home,

Hug them both,
Snuggle in close,
Breath in deep,
Smell of movie star lawyers,

I could tell you who had come,
Gene was there,
With his whiskey grin,
Dave was there,
With his oaky beard,

Could smell cookies and cherry pie on my mother's hands,
Could smell bitter wine upon my daddies lips,

Dream of parties with them,
Sipping raspberry champagne,
The bubbles tickling my nose,

Going home,
Smell of movie star lawyers,
In younger years.

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