Friday, March 27, 2009


On the 20th I did my first true classroom observation. I went back to my hometown and sat in on a kindergarten class. This observation was such a relief because after being in there for the day I realized that what I truly want to do is teach kindergarten and all this hard work has not been done so I can have a job I feel lukewarm about. For those who have not sat in on a kindergarten class, the experience is both delightful and exhausting. I promise you, your self esteem will go up 50 percent after just one day. All of the little girls and boys instantly fell in love with me. While the boys wanted to constantly show off on the playground and get my opinion on how daring they were, the girls wanted to constantly tell me how pretty I was and how I was their friend. At the end of the day I was horribly dehydrated, had a massive headache, and my legs were throbbing. Despite all of my physical pain that I felt by the end of the day, I can't wait to go back and sit in on a kindergarten class.

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  1. AWWW How cute!! I want go to to a kindergarten class! I'll never forget when my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rodgers (I think she was married to the real Mr. Rodgers) brought her daughter to class who was about your age at the time and she helped me get off my tights so I could paint with my feet and well...she was the prettiest coolest girl EVER!

    You're going to be such a great kindergarten teacher!

    p.s. You're pretty and you were MY friend first!!!!!!! : P