Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tea with the Girls

There is nothing like having a day with the girls. There is something about getting dressed up and going out to lunch with some of your best friends. With school and a boyfriend, it sometimes seems that there is never enough time to be girly. It feels so nice to go out with the friends and catch up. My favorite place to go and do such a thing was a little place in the historical district in the town where my college is. I found it my freshman year when I was trying to go to my little town for the weekend. It was the second time I had driven back home from school and I was still not used to navigating my way around. Instead of taking a right, I went straight and, after driving around in a very lost and confused state, I turned onto a road and found a magnificent part of my new town. Now, my college is located in one of the most unattractive areas of my state. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, but when I first arrived I despised the town and craved for my home town. When I found this little historical district I felt at home. The next time I drove there, on purpose this time, I found a perfect little tea shop that served sandwiches, soups, and salads. I instantly fell in love with the little tea shop and brought my friends there when I needed to get away and have a girls day. This last Christmas, however, my friends and I went to go have tea and found a sign that they were soon closing due to the economy. It is a shame that the little business that always made me feel so at home and gave me a chance to have tea with the girls from time to time is now out of business. I am glad I was able to enjoy it these last three years. The little tea shop will always remain a pleasant memory.

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  1. Did you get my card about this in the mail????? Eek! I'm so happy : )