Friday, March 6, 2009

The Purple Monster

One of the first writing projects I had to do while at CSSSA was take a walk in one of the back parts of the school and write about the different flowers or plants I came across and write poems about them. This is one of those poems I wrote.

The Purple Monster

The purple monster fights to free itself from his green prison,
He pushes with his whole heart,
His hands bleed,
His arms burn like a well-done steak,
But at last he sees daylight,
The bright glow of the sun makes him shield his white eyes,
He keeps shoving,
But his ass is too big,
He wants to prance with deer,
Eat rotting road kill with vultures,
Smoke cherry cigs with teenagers,
Make love,
But his ass is too big
Finally the purple monster gives up his fight,
Forever he is half in,
Half out,
Half happy,
Half sad,
Just there,
Him and his green prison.

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