Monday, March 2, 2009

George and Paul

I am happy to say that I am writing again. After my summer at CSSSA, I went on a writing hiatus. However, this semester, like I have previously mentioned, is an easier one than I have had in a while. I have been meaning to write this young adult novel that has been dancing in my head for years, but I usually can't get into the rhythm of the story and leave it sitting in some word document, never to be touched again. Recently, however, I came across a short story I wrote in high school, the short story that I wanted to convert into this young adult novel. Reading it over again got my juices flowing and I have began working on it again. I am taking bits and pieces of it and changing it so that it can become longer. I really think it could become a good story. It has remained, thus far, entitled George and Paul. It is about a young man, Paul, who is about age 15, that has to do community service hours, for his parole, at a local home for the elderly. He is sent up to a room on the second floor to spend time with an elderly man named George every Sunday for five weeks. Over time the story about why Paul is on parole comes out as George and him become closer. George also reveals a lot about his life, when Paul comes to visit, with entire chapters that go back to the time George is remembering that particular day. Obviously the story will need some tweaking and a lot of work, due to the amount of time it has sat and the fact that I am making a 5 page story into a 100 page story. Nevertheless, I think that it could really be something and I am excited about finally finding the flow of this story that has been in my mind for years.


  1. Hey that sounds like it would make a really good book! I'd love to read it when you're done... so hurry hurry! hehe : )

  2. I'm glad it sounds like a good book to you, Amy. I really hope it is something I can one day publish. I was working on it today. I love not having a full structured plan for a story and instead have it take me along for the ride. When I am done I'll give you a copy. :)