Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Best Soundtracks

So, since high school I decided to buy soundtracks instead of CDs by a single band or artist, for the most part that is, so that I could hear an array of music by an array of musicians for the same price as buying a CD in which I would just hear one band or artist. Since I am a major movie lover, I would make an extra effort to listen to the music and decide whether or not the soundtrack was worthy of my purchase. Anyhow, after years of buying mostly soundtracks I decided to let you in on my top three favorite soundtracks, because you, my blogger friends, are just that cool.

Now, these are in no particular order. These three soundtracks are all so different that it is difficult to rate them. But they are all great and always seem to fit my mood in some way or another. Among these awesome soundtracks is Juno. I think what I love best about this soundtrack was that the majority of music was from artists and bands I have never heard of before. It is best described as a unique soundtrack full of music that will make you feel "hip" in the indie world.

The soundtrack for Garden State proved to be my favorite CD during high school. It is a beautiful mix of music that is guaranteed to make you feel better. For me, this is the best CD for getting over a difficult breakup. Colin Hay's song "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" especially helped me get through difficult breakups during high school.

Amelie is my all time favorite french film, plus it has a fantastic soundtrack. The music on this soundtrack is very inspiring and I find it the perfect music to listen to while I am writing. As I have written in a previous blog, this soundtrack is also my favorite to listen to as I am running in the early morning. So, if you are looking for some great music, pick up one or all of these wonderful soundtracks.

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